Jena la Flamme a.k.a. DJ Flame
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I am a global artist and Priestess of Pleasure. I am a DJ and musician (vocalist, violinist and harpist).

I'm also a dancer. I perform and teach tribal fusion belly dance, and I am a passionate dancer of Brazilian Zouk and Urban Kizomba partner dance.

I am a yogi and meditator who lived in India for years.
I am a shamanic ceremonialist, and carrier of feather medicine and Sacred Cacao.

All of these forces combine in my musical journeys. Each track is a prayer to awaken your fullest aliveness. Each set is to make you laugh and smile and dance and shake and be as free as you truly are in your heart under it all.

This music is my heart and soul. The voice of Nature, the voice of our ancestors, the voice of our future.

I am DJ Flame. Come dance, sing, and play with me.

© 2021 Jena la Flamme